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Biography & Parliament

Biography & Parliament, which was created in 1989, is a consolidated research group, and has been recognized as such by the Basque Government in successive calls since the year 2002.
Our work is developed with a vocation of internationalization that is fulfilled in our participation since 1992 in the International Commission for the History of Representative and Parliamentary Institutions, created in 1936 and affiliated to the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS) founded in 1926 in Geneva, and since 2010 in the European Information and Research Network on Parliamentary History.


Conferences and seminars

68th Conference ICHRPI / 68è Congrès CIHAE / 68. Tagung IKGPS (Palma de Mallorca, 7-9.09.2016)

Conferences and seminars

69th Conference - Orléans, France 5 - 8 September 2017

Conferences and seminars

Simposi Galeusca Historia IV

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