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 Dr. Eduardo J. Alonso

Department of Contemporary History


Telf.: 946108349 / Fax: 946013399
Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences
University of the Basque Country

P.O. Box 644
E-48080 – Bilbao




Tenured professor in the Department of Contemporary History of the UPV/EHU since 2018, where he has developed his teaching and research activity since the year 1989.
Degree in Geography and History from the UPV/EHU (1988) and PhD in Geography and History with extraordinary doctorate prize from the UPV/EHU (1993).
Professor in the Faculty of Letters (previously Geography and History) of the UPV/EHU in Vitoria, replica watches from 2001 to 2003; he later moved to the Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences from 2004 onwards. Together with his teaching work on undergraduate courses, he has also taught on the doctoral program of the Department of Contemporary History and the Interuniversity Master of this department and other Masters of the same university.  He has directed three doctoral theses, two of them international, all of which received the highest qualification, and one was awarded the extraordinary doctorate prize. He is currently directing another two doctoral theses. His teaching career has been positively evaluated with one teaching quinquennium (1999-2013).
He develops his research activity in the consolidated research group “Biography & Parliament”, specialising in research lines dealing with the Basque tax system – derived from the Economic Agreement, analysis of elites through collective biography and prosopographical analysis, and company history.
He has participated as a researcher in 27 research projects and contracts. He is the author or co-author of 140 publications, including books, book chapters and articles published in Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Portugal, Peru and the United Kingdom.
His research career has been positively evaluated with four research sexennia (1994-2017).
He is also active in the publishing field as a member of the editorial council and as an editor of the journal Historia contemporánea since 2015, the journal Bidebarrieta since 2009 and the journal Vasconia since 2012. He is a reviewer for the journals Vasconia, Sancho el Sabio, Ayer of the AHC and RIEV.
In the management field he is the Treasurer of the Institute of Historical Law of Vasconia
(Instituto de Derecho Histórico de Vasconia) and a member of the Permanent Committee of the Department of Contemporary History.
He has been a member of the International Commission for the History of the Representative and Parliamentary Institutions since 1997, and of the Associations of Social History, Economic History and Contemporary History of Eusko Ikaskuntza since 1989.
He has participated in a variety of seminars, given talks, curated exhibitions and written for the press.