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 Prof. Joseba Agirreazkuenaga

Department of Contemporary History
Telf.: 946102307 / Fax: 946013399
Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences
University of the Basque Country

P.O. Box 644
E-48080 Bilbao




Full Professor in the Department of Contemporary History of the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao), where he has developed his teaching and research activity since 1980. Degree in Philosophy and Letters, Geography and History section, from the University of Deusto (1976) and Doctor in Philosophy and Letters, Modern and Contemporary History section (1985).
He has made extended research stays at the University of Oxford: “Basque Visiting Fellow” at St. Antony’s College (3 terms in 1990 and 2006-2007) William A. Douglass Distinguished Visiting Scholar for 2013-2014. Center for Basque Studies. University of Nevada,Reno.  One term at the European University Institute of Florence (1993). He has taught courses and given talks in the University of Oxford, Veracruzana University of Xalapa, University of Brasilia, La Sapienza University of Rome, Autonomous University of Barcelona, University of Navarre and the University of Seville, University of Nevada.
He began his research activity in 1972 under the direction of José Miguel Barandiaran. Julio Caro Baroja was the director of his doctoral thesis. (PhD)

Since 1989, Swiss Replica Watches he has been head of the “Biography & Parliament” research group, which has developed 8 research project, selected in competitive calls of the Ministry of Education of Spanish government, and 18 research contracts funded by  public institutions (Foral Deputations of Bizkaia, Gipuzkoa and Alava, the Bilbao City Council, the Juntas Generales of Bizkaia,  the Basque Parliament and the Spanish Parliament). In 2007 the group achieved recognition as a consolidated research group in the competitive call of the Basque Government and in 2019 the A+ distinction , 95 p.

Together with the activity of the group, he has developed individual research on the crisis of the Ancien Regime, the Basque fiscal system,  the public finances, the Basque question and political self-government, as well as on social movements of Bilbao and the Basque Country. Director or supervisor of 20 doctoral thesis (PhD)

Scientific production: Books 25 (12 individual signature, the rest in collaboration with the group), 92 chapters of collective books, 81 articles in scientific journals. Editor of 31 books.

His research trajectory has been positively evaluated with 6 research sexennia (1982-2011) and with the highest level of excellence (A2) in the call of the Social Council of the UPV/EHU. He has also been awarded the Research Prize of the Euskoiker Foundation in the field of social sciences and humanities (2007) and the Miguel de Unamuno essay prize (2011).
In the management field of the university, he was Vice-Director of Teacher’s Training of the UPV/EHU (1983-1986) and Director of the Institute of Historical Law of the Basque Country- (2000-2003). He has been  elected member of the Research Commission of the UPV/EHU,( 2005-2017). Director of the Documentation Center of the Economic Agreement and, since 1999.

International activities: Since 1999, Vice-President of the International Commission for the History of Representative & Parliamentary Institutions, ICHRPI, an organization affiliated to the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS) and in 2015 President of the ICHRPI.
He is the editor of Bidebarrieta , a journal of historical research on Bilbao, and he is a member of the editorial board of the scientific journals Parliaments Estates and Representation and Vasconia.
He has been an evaluator of research projects of the commission of experts of UNIQUAL-UNIBASQ (2006-2011) and an evaluator of ACSUCYL (2012). ACSUG (2019).