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 M.A. María José Villa

Department of Contemporary History


Telf.: 946012238 / Fax: 946013399
Faculty of Social and Communication Sciences
University of the Basque Country

P.O. Box 644
E-48080 – Bilbao





Researcher in the Department of Contemporary History of the UPV/EHU, where she has developed her activity since 2006.
Degree in History from the University of Deusto (2005), and Master’s Degree in Contemporary History from the UPV/EHU with a prize for the best student (2011).
Her research activity is developed in the consolidated research group Biography and Parliament, in the lines of research concerned with the analysis of elites through collective biography and prosopographic analysis.
In developing this work, she has participated as a coordinator and researcher in different projects, notable amongst which are the project Biographical Dictionary of the Spanish MPs (1810-1854), funded by the Spanish Parliament, and the Biographical Dictionary of the Mayors of Bilbao (1938-1976).
Together with this group activity, she is currently carrying out individual research work on female models through the study of the protagonists of female Catholic associations during the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera and the II Republic in the Basque Country.