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Theory of NationalismSubir a Inicio

- CONVERSI, D. y KAUFMANN, E. “Ethnic and Nationalist Mobilization”. in GUELKE, A. y TOURNON, J. (eds.). The Study of Ethnicity and Politics: Recent Analytical Developments. Leverkusen: Verlag Barbara Budrich Publishers, 2012, 47-77.

CONVERSI, D. "Modernism and Nationalism", Journal of Political Ideologies, vol. 17, n. 1, pp. 13-34, 2012.

Ranked 3rd amongst the journal’s most read articles. The Oxford-based journal itself has been defined as ‘one of the leading political theory journals in the Anglophone world’.

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Globalization and genocideSubir a Inicio

CONVERSI, D. ‘Majoritarian democracy and globalization versus ethnic diversity?’, Democratization, vol. 19 (April 2012) no. 2, pp. 789-811.

CONVERSI, D. ‘Irresponsible radicalisation. Diasporas, globalisation and long-distance nationalism in the digital age’, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS), vol. 38,(2012)  no. 9, pp. 1357-1379. Special issue on ‘Migration and the Internet: Social networking and diasporas’ (edited by Ulf-Dietrich Reips and Pedro J. Oiarzabal)

- CONVERSI, D. “Cultural Homogenization, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide”. in DENEMARK, R. A. (ed.). The International Studies Encyclopedia. Oxford/ Boston, MA: Wiley-Blackwell (ENMISA), 2010, 719-742.

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- CONVERSI, D. “The limits of cultural globalisation?”, Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, 3 (2010): 36-59.

- CONVERSI, D. “Globalization, ethnic conflict and nationalism”. in TURNER, B. (ed.). Handbook of Globalization Studies. London: Routledge/ Taylor & Francis, 2009, 346-366. replica watches replica watches uk fake rolex

- CONVERSI, D. “Post-communist societies between ethnicity and globalization”, Journal of Southern Europe & the Balkans, 3 (2001): 2, 193-196.

History and Political SociologySubir a Inicio

- CONVERSI, D. “Building bridges on the road to peace. Centralism, resistance and the Basque Revival”, Political Geography, 29 (2010): 8, 463-465.replicas rolex replicas iwc replicas panerai

- CONVERSI, D. “Homogeneity and conflict”, The Review of Politics, 72 (2010): 1–4, 337-340.

- CIRULLI, A. y CONVERSI, D. “Movimenti e conflitti etnoterritoriali: una introduzione”, Partecipazione e Conflitto, 2 (2010): 2, 5-14.

- CIRULLI, A. y CONVERSI, D. (co-editor) “Partecipazione e Conflitto”. Special issue on Movimenti e conflitti etnoterritoriali/ Ethno-territorial movements and conflicts, Milano: Franco Angeli, 2 (2010): 2.

- CONVERSI, D. “Asymmetrical federalism and consociational practice: Spain, Italy and beyond”. Paper presented at the 4th ECPR General Conference Pisa, Italy, 6-8 September 2007 (Section: Local and regional politics - Panel: Federalism and diversity). Url: http://www.essex.ac.uk/ecpr/events/generalconference/pisa/papers/pp1134.pdf 

- CONVERSI, D. “Asymmetry in quasi-federal and unitary states”, Ethnopolitics, 6 (March 2007): 1, 121–124.

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- CONVERSI, D. “Demo-skepticism and genocide”, Political Studies Review, 4 (September 2006): 3, 247-262.

- CONVERSI, D. “Why do peace processes collapse? The Basque conflict and the three 'spoilers' perspective”. in NEWMAN, E. y RICHMOND, O. (eds.). Challenges to Peacebuilding: Managing Spoilers During Conflict Resolution. Tokyo: United Nations University Press, 2006, 173-200.

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 - CONVERSI, D. “Immigration and statelessness:  Political participation of immigrants and their descendants in Catalan and Basque mobilizations (1959-1978)", ECPR Working paper, Workshop n. 14 on  'Political Participation of Immigrants and their Descendants in Post-War Western Europe', Joint Session Turin, Italy, 22 - 27 March 2002 (published online on ECPR's website)

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- CONVERSI, D. “L' insegnamento in Catalogna: verso una società bilingue?”, La Riforma della Scuola, 1 (1988): 28-36.

International RelationsSubir a Inicio

-CONVERSI, D. “Post-September 11th Conflicts”. in YOUNG, N. (ed.). The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.

- CONVERSI, D. “Reconsidering the breakup of Yugoslavia: The international relations of central secession”, Nationalities Papers, 35 (November 2007): 5, 961-967.

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